Disney and Success

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Disney and Success

Corporate governance is the set of rules, systems, principles etc. that a company puts in place to define the way it can be run to best fulfill it’s short and long term goals in a way that can add value to all parts of the organization. Lisa Mary Thompson says “Corporate governance is based on principles such as conduction the business with all integrity and fairness, being transparent.” Culture bottom line is becoming a bigger part of corporate governance as the business environment becomes more global everyday. Any organizations must take into consideration the cultural aspects of any employees or locations they base themselves.

Disney is one of the worlds biggest companies which has clear guidelines of it’s corporate governance, this is outlined on the Walt Disney company website which is available to the public. The website gives an overall view of all aspects of the governance and policies of Disney, along with share holder information, financial reports, company structures and outlines of the responsibilities to all stakeholders. Transparency of these guidelines shows that it is important to Disney to have the trust of all everybody within and outside the organization

Within the above mentioned documents most specifically their Corporate Governance Guidelines, Disney speaks about it’s cultural and social aspects to try and satisfy it’s wide range of cultural and social responsibilities and to combat any issues that may arise. Some of these measures are management reporting annually on its diversity efforts and the results of those projects and policies, along with this management present to the board “an annual review of the policies, practices and contributions made in fulfillment of the Company's social responsibilities.” (Disney Corporate Governance Guidelines)

According to Mint Global, The Walt Disney company employs 166,000 people on the last reporting in 2012, on top of this Disney is a global company, which has some...
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