Disney Acts Global in Emerging Market

Topics: United States, High School Musical, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: March 7, 2013
1. It is extremely important for Disney to build brand awareness in China and other emerging markets such as India and South Korea. This article states that in 2006, only twenty five percent of Disney’s revenues came from outside of the Unites States. The article also admits that during this time Disney had a “one size fits all policy”, which they have since gotten rid of. The reason Disney is a multibillion dollar company in the US is because we have been surrounded by Disney for a few decades now. We know every character and detail of each movie, often times by heart. By building more brand awareness in the countries with emerging markets, Disney heightens its chances for more recognition in those countries. This recognition will create a stronger willingness to not only visit Disney, but all purchase the animated and action packed movies we as Americans have loved for decades.

2. I completely an one hundred percent agree with Disney’s decision to pursue a localization approach in emerging-markets. Even without localizing the Disney brand internationally, foreigners somewhat recognize the powerful Disney name. If you educate the people in the emerging markets and make Disney in foreign markets what is in the United States, this will create an enormous international recognition. The morals and values Disney tries to portray through its movie productions are accepted and basically the same worldwide. Localizing basically just means Disney has to tweak little odds and ends to make the productions completely acceptable in these emerging markets. A phenomenon even more powerful than recognition is recall. With enough foreign advertising and education about Disney’s products, the consumers of the emerging markets will begin to think about Disney on their own, creating an extreme brand awareness.

3. High School Musical, a Disney Production, was extremely successful throughout global markets. This is because Disney created different spinoffs to complement...
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