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Running Head: Disney Video Case

Disney Imagineering

Disney Imagineering

Mickey Mouse is known and recognized across the globe and is connected to the Disney label that is looked upon highly on an international scale. Disney has chose licensing as a mean of international expansion because by doing this it will allow them more profitable ways to expand their business as well as creating larger profits. Licensing also allows them to instantly tap into other countries markets for entertainment and make an impact in the existing production, and marketing systems. Licensing gives a more diverse way of looking at the different markets where the Disney label may be placed. Take for instance the Disney in Hong Kong would be much different from the Disney in Florida or Anaheim. Culturally the differences would be tremendous; everything from food and clothing, to gifts and merchandise would be significantly different. If Disney were to franchise out internationally the parks would be almost the same everywhere which may not work in some markets because of the differences that are prevalent. Franchising is not something that Disney wants because they still want to be involved in areas like distribution and promotion, where with franchising their role in those areas would be limited. Licensing is the best option for Disney for international expansion because it allows them more options to be successful in whatever market they chose.

Our nation’s unfavorable trade balance with China impacts the U.S economy a great deal. Another way of putting it, is that we are running at a trade deficit because we are importing more than we are exporting. The reason that this is occurring is in large part to do with offshore outsourcing that has become a phenomenon. Outsourcing is causing jobs to be lost permanently and wages falling because of the low-cost competition of the offshore operations. There have...
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