Dismemberment of the Edu

Topics: African American, Black people, African diaspora Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Onaje Artist
Dr. Shauna Morgan Kirlew
Freshman Composition
Dismemberment of Education
African-Americans still suffer from the repercussions of dismemberment. The black community is still vying for traces of its culture that has been lost for hundreds of years. As African-Americans continue to grow in society they continue to distance themselves from their African roots. The foundation of this problem lies in the education African-Americans receive in the school systems. Yes, we do have Historically Black Colleges and Universities that are helping to restore pieces of African culture to its people in the Western World. But at the same time Historically Black Colleges and Universities only constitute twenty five percent of blacks that graduate from college. With this in mind, one cannot only rely on these schools to educate African-Americans on Mother Africa and her glorious past. African-Americans need to come together as one to restore African culture in the school systems. The byproduct of this will be the laying of a foundation for the cultural enlightenment towards African people as a whole.

The education provided by “White America” has thrown away the culture of Africa. When one takes World History, he or she learns about the great conquest of the Roman Empire or the brilliant intellect of Ancient Greek scholars. Consequently, the accomplishments of African people are overlooked to say the least. The military prowess of the Ashanti Empire or the skilled artisans of the Nok Culture are irrelevant. The only education of Africa in most school systems speaks of the abuse and torture the people of Africa went through. The lack of education about the African culture will continue to degrade the identity of the black community if this is not changed.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have produced one bright spot in the clouded memories of Mother Africa. These schools have worked hard in putting the pieces of African culture together...
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