Dishonesty: Bold Lie

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Cause and effect essay on dishonesty

Dishonesty is happening in the world a lot of time. People are not being honest with others, or with their self. In other words; they are lying. I am writing this paper to discuss the causes and effects on lying. Why do people lie?

We all have our own reasons for not telling the truth at times. These are the main reasons why people lie: 1. Enhancing their reputation: People lie to make themselves seem better. They may want to impress their friend or their boyfriend/ girlfriend, but they are lying nonetheless. People may be exaggerating or lying about their skills, accomplishments, belongings, or background to improve their status. These kind of lies usually aren’t seen as bad, since we all do it at times. 2. Avoiding trouble or punishment: People know that their past actions will cause them trouble in the future with either the police or family and friends. They then lie to cover up their tracks. These lies are considered bad since the people who are lying know that they did something wrong and don’t want to be found out. 3. Sparing people’s feelings or avoiding fights with them: These are also called little white lies. They know telling someone the truth will either hurt their feelings or upset them. The most used example for this is: “Do these pants make my butt look big?”. The number of men who say “yes” to this question is zero. The number of women whose butt does look big is not zero. These kind of lies are considered the least bad. 4. Lying to hurt others reputation: This one does not need much explanation. People lie to make other people seem worse. They lie about other people’s actions either to make themselves look better or to get something in return (like love or money). These lies are considered the very worst, because these lies will only hurt people and the only ones who ever have anything to gain from it are the people who lie themselves.

What are the results of lying?
Lying will most likely...
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