Dish Washing

Topics: Hygiene, Washing, Cleanliness Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Dish Washing
I walk into the restaurant Red Robin, wait for my name to be called by the host and sit down in a booth with comfortable red seats. All of a sudden a man sits next to me wearing an apron soaking with water, wiping sweat from his face. It's my brother, Zachary Walsh. Zach states “ Man, I hate Saturday nights, too damn busy!”. What was Zach doing? Zach is a dish machine operator, or in restaurant terms, a DMO. Washing dishes you say, that sounds easy! I am afraid not my friends. Washing dishes is one of the most under appreciated jobs. Just ask the manager him self, who by the way is my Uncle. My Uncle states, “ If it wasn't for the DMO this place would be a **** whole. DMO's work their *** off and their the ones who keep things running behind the scenes.” With only a thirty minute break from washing dishes, I thank my brother for taking this time to answer questions because I know he would much rather be doing other things. Things like enjoying his food, staying hydrated and getting his mind off washing dishes. My brother is a good guy and that's a good thing for Red Robin because the DMO's do the most work for the smallest pay.

Here at Red Robin, the DMO's are the bottom of totem pole. They usually get no breaks, the only time they do is if they work a double, they get paid the least and have to be stuck in the back of the kitchen where they cannot really talk to any one. “ It was the worst thing I've ever done when I first started, but honestly you get use to it and after a while you start making friends. Luckily for me, Red Robin is a great environment and everyone is pretty chill.” Zach says, smiling, probably thinking back on all the days he use to come home and complain and threaten to quit.

As stated before, a life of a DMO is not an easy one. For the most part of this interview, Zach was calm, but when he talked about what a DMO does, he got intense telling what they do. “ I hate it, when I tell people I'm a DMO they usually just...
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