Discuus the Main Barriers of Participation in Sport

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  • Published : December 6, 2010
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Discuss: The main barriers of participation in sport

According to Cryer (2008): "Sports development is a form .of social intervention comprising sets of principles, processes and practices that seek to provide opportunities designed to motivate and encourage people to take part in sport and physical activity at all levels of ability and through all stages of the life cycle for a variety of personal and societal rationales".1 Sport and physical activity is not just for those who play at a competitive level, it is inclusive of physical activity to enhance the social, mental and physical well-being of the entire population.

National concerns about obesity, poor health, community cohesion and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) have resulted in physical activity and sport being recognised as an agent in combating many of these problems however there are still barrier elements which prevent many people from participating in sport and physical activity.

There may be barriers of participation in sport for some people due to historical reasons being that there is no tradition of sports participation in a family or family generation and also could relate to certain sports being associated with prejudicial circumstances due to a historical or religious background. For example many people living in a predominantly protestant area in Northern Ireland would not participate in Gaelic Football due to racial- religious prejudices owing to a historical feud between catholic's and protestants.

Another recognised barrier is health related in that those who suffer from illness or disease may not have the capacity to participate in local accessible sport and also may not have the economics/transportation means to attend physical activity elsewhere that is recommended for their medical condition. Obesity, poor diet (lack of energy), disability, poor hygiene and lack of educational awareness in the benefits of physical activity are all associated with being barriers of...
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