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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Quiz 7:
Chapter 4:
1. This statement is true in that good leadership has the ability to inspire confidence and support among people who are needed to achieve common goals. 2. Also for a project manager leadership is the process in which they influence a team to get the job done effectively. The PM will hold everyone accountable which will in turn put out a good outcome. 3. Key differences between a manager and a leader is manager is a title given to someone which permits them to plan, organize, direct and control the behaviors of people within their department. Where as a leader is less about administration and more about intrapersonal relationships including inspiring, motivating, influencing and changing the behaviors in pursuit of the common goal. 4. Emotional intelligence relates to duties of project management as the ability to understand that effective leadership is part of the emotional and relational transactions between subordinates and themselves. The five elements of emotional intelligence are so critical to successful project management because the PM can develop the kind of direct, supportive relationships that are critical to creating and guiding an effective team. 5. The trait that is the most critical to project management is basic honesty, because if you cannot trust your PM. How are they expected to follow? 6. Future time perspective - The extent to which the future drives an individual's current behavior. I am past time oriented. My project leader duties I would enjoy are project problem solving, team member evaluations and lessons-learned meetings. My skills are recapturing the past and my weaknesses are time warping, predicting, time warping which i could work on. 7. Because nothing prepares you for the irrational side of the job like experience does. They have the experience to handle the nontraditional duties. 8. The principle that I would apply to project leadership would be the new leader who generates and sustains trust, because...
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