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Topics: Ancient Egypt, Indus Valley Civilization, Nile Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Discussion questions #1
1. In light of scientific advances in our understanding of human origins, what have we learned about our relationship to the earth and other living species? Humans have evolved in gathering food. Humans have evolved in how tools are made and materials used in making these tools. Animal domestication is just as common today as it was then, except today humans use many more animals, etc. What is very interesting is how recent roles between genders are difference than they were back then. Both women and men share responsibilities. 2. How did the physical and mental abilities that humans gradually evolved enable them to adapt their way of life to new environments during the Great Ice Age? Three critical biological traits, bipedalism, a very large brain, and the location of the larynx, are due to natural selection. Bipedalism evolved because it provided australopithecines with some advantage for survival. Larger brains had greater survivability such as enabling Homo habilis to locate things to eat throughout the seasons of the year. Homo sapiens are believed to be connected to the emergence of language with the intellectual and social capabilities that humans we have. 3. After nearly 2 million years of physical and cultural development, how did human communities in different parts of the world learn to manipulate nature? 4. What cultural achievements characterized life in the Neolithic period? Global climate changes seem to have induced some societies to enhance their food supplies with domesticated plants and animals. For Neolithic Religion, a society’s religious beliefs tend to reflect to nature. For example, the religion of food gatherers tended to center on sacred groves, springs, and wild animals. Another contribution was the dissemination of the large language families that form the basis of most languages spoken today. Most early farmers lived in small villages, but in some parts of the world a few villages grew...
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