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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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Week Two Discussion Questions
Priscilla Hanna
June 27, 2012
Dr. Charles Parker

Consider the community in which you live. What is your responsibility within your own community? Explain and provide examples of what you consider your responsibilities.

Our individual responsibilities to the community include reducing our own impact on the environment. This may include recycling, reducing solid waste, or conserving water. I live in Camp Pendleton, and recycling is a big deal. Everywhere home has a recycling bin, which encourages all the residents to recycle. I, especially, enjoy recycling because I feel that I am helping to better our environment. Another responsibility of the community is to maintain cleanliness on our streets. Since I live on a military base there are regulations, and everyone must obide by them. When I go outside of my home, I check around for trash. If there is trash, I pick it up, and throw it away. I noticed that I am not the only resident that does this.

Provide an example of a socially responsible effort within your community. In what ways does this influence the community? How do these efforts affect the individuals within the community?

An example of a socially responsible effort within the community is Oceanside Harbor Beach Cleanup. The beach cleanup influences the community by bringing people together for a common purpose. Moreover, it gives residents of the community a chance to meet new people, and possibly make new friends. These efforts affect the individuals within the community to become more aware of their surroundings, and their social responsibility to the community in making it a better place for everyone.

According to Ch. 2 of Basic Ethics, “It is inconsistent on one hand to accept the assistance of the community via schools, police, fire, roads….and on the other hand to deny to a reciprocal duty to give back to the community” (Boylan, 2009). What are some...
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