Discussion Questions

Topics: Epistemology, Plot, Psychology Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: May 17, 2012
Discussion Questions
3. Analyze the student population in your school and the various groups or cliques that exist. Discuss whether there are certain mannerisms, clothing preferences, behavior codes, or other qualities that characterize each group. Have you ever known a group member outside the context of his or her group? Did that person behave differently when not under the direct influence of the group? I have analyzed the various types of groups and cliques around have many characteristics that characterize their group, and I also known a group member who acted differently when she was not under the influence of her group. She acted in a shy and curious way, but when she was with her group she was outgoing and knowledgeable.

5. Suppose the plot of Lord of the Flies involved a planeload of marooned girls, or a mixed group of girls and boys, instead of all boys. Do you think the same violent and cruel tendencies would have emerged on the island? Explain your answer in detail. If you think the outcome would have been different, explain how and why. If the plot of Lord of the Flies involved a mix of boys and girls the plot would have a dramatic change in its storyline and overall outcome. Because there are females involved the story would change, the reason being is that women can bring peace to the guys and talk them out of many of the dangerous things they get into and some of the decisions they made, for example the mounting of the sow’s head, Simon’s ascent up the mountain, and the murder of Piggy.
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