Discussion on Hamlet Deaths and Theme

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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The death of Hamlet Senior is directly credited to Claudius since he was the one to poison the former king. If you were to take it upon yourself to try to analyze why the death occurred, you may be able to formulate a reason why Claudius himself caused his own death. With all the information that we are given, we assume Claudius to be the bad guy, but perhaps Hamlet Sr. was a terrible king or brother. Hypothetically, maybe Claudius was so fed up of living in Hamlet’s shadow (which Hamlet worsened), that his actions were provoked by Hamlet. It seems questionable as to why Gertrude was so willing to marry Claudius right away. If Claudius and Gertrude were to have had an affair before Hamlet’s death, we could but partial blame on Gertrude because she may have been aware of the murder or invoked it.

Speaking of Gertrude, she may be the one who caused her death, but neither she nor Hamlet should be the one to blamed. The blame is put on Claudius for poisoning the cup, even though it was meant to be for Hamlet. He also didn’t seem to look after what his wife was doing so he wasn’t able to prevent her from drinking from the cup. In an indirect correlation, if Gertrude was never to marry Claudius, then all this wouldn’t have happened. (Therefore it is ALL Gertrude’s fault!) Claudius and Hamlet are responsible for Claudius’s death. In Act V Hamlet stabs Claudius after realizing that his mother’s death is on Claudius’s hands. I strongly believe however, that Claudius is to blame because he arranged for the fight to occur between Hamlet and Laertes. He made sure that there was a cup full of poison in case Hamlet didn’t die. This scenario sets up Gertrude’s death, which in turn cause Hamlet to kill him. Hamlet holds a great responsibility for causing Laertes death, however killing him was not his intention. It was Laertes and Claudius who planned to poison the tip of the sword. Hamlet may have nicked him, but it wouldn’t have been enough to kill him from the...
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