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Topics: Psychology, Group psychotherapy, Learning Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: July 8, 2008
我們以 discussion board 的形式溝通,可以算是一個 group嗎?根據 Samuel T. Gladding, 一個 group 是由兩個或以上的人組成,他們聚在一起的目的是完成某些指定的相互作用;我們透過 discussion board 的形式聚在一起,互相討論所學習的知識及技巧,並互相支援,所以我們是一個 group。

那麼我們是一個什麼性質的小組呢? Ed. E. Jacobs, Robert L. Masson, Riley L. Harvill 將 group歸類成7 種,分別是 1. Education – “provide clients with information on various topics” 2. Discussion – “the focus is usually on topics or issues rather than any member’s personal concerns” 3. Task – “a specific task is to be accomplished”

4. Growth and experiential – “members who want to experience being in a group and who are motivated to learn about themselves often benefit from growth groups” 5. Counseling and therapy – “members come to the group because of certain problems in their lives” 6. Support – “members share thoughts and feelings and help one another examine issues and concerns” 7. Self-help – “laypeople with similar concerns as those at the meeting generally lead self-help groups”

根據他們的界定,我們應是以 discussion 為主,因為焦點市通常是某一話題或課題而不是任何成員的個人問題;但是 discussion board 裡又有不少思想和感受交流,彼此可以檢視某些問題和憂慮,所以又滲入了 support 的元素。

除了 Jacobs 他們外,Gerald Corey 亦將group歸類成4 種,分別是 1. Counseling groups – “focus on growth, development, enhancement, prevention, self-awareness, and releasing blocks to growth” 2. Group Psychotherapy – “typically focus on remediation, treatment, and personality reconstruction” 3. Structured Groups – “groups characterized by some central theme” 4. Self-self Groups – “allow people with a common interest to create a support system that protects them from psychological stress and gives them the incentive to begin changing their lives”

以 Corey 的分類,我們不是 counseling group, group psychotherapy and self-self group。故此,我們可能是 structured group。

台灣的黃惠惠女士,亦將group歸類成 7 種,分別是 1. 訓練團體 (T-group) – 「訓練人際關係技術」 2. 會心團體 (Encounter group) - 「注重個人成長和創造性的經驗」 3. 個人成長團體 (Personal growth group) - 「促進個人成長為團體主要目的」 4. 學習團體 (Learning group) - 「在一種結構性不高的團體運作下,把握此時 此地(here and now) 的原則,學習如何學習(learn how to learn) ,以增進自我瞭解,改善人際關係。」 5. 團體輔導...
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