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Have you ever wondered, why do we fall in love? You might have been wondering how to keep the love in a long relationship burning. I am sure you are thinking right now how to keep a relationship alive for a long time. If you think that you fall in love with someone the way they look, then that is not the case. We actually fall in love with other persons through chemicals. To keep a relationship for a long time is very hard because the chemical starts disappearing from the body after a few years if you don’t do something about it. In the first place you might think that you fall in love with someone because of her or his personality or how they look. That is true but it is because of the chemicals you fall in love with someone. You have certainly felt “butterflies” in your stomach when you see a special person in a room full of people, for example at a party, when your eyes meet and you feel attracted to each other. Initially this mutual attraction is caused by nature as a function of evolution. However, since you were a kid you have been told how people should look like and how their personality should be. A special laugh or giggle might affect you in an exciting way. It is not unusual that you search for abilities that remind you of your parents when you look for a partner. Moreover, what should we do to keep the flame burning? In order to avoid the normal divorce peak after four years of marriage a good way is to have an new child every fourth year. This helps couples stick together a longer time. To be romantic and attentive might also help the relationship last for a few more weeks… To sum up, to fall in love with someone is the easy part. To stay together and let the other one remain the same person he or she was from the beginning is much harder. Unfortunately, when we intend to start changing the other persons personality that’s when we also start to fall out of love.

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