Discussion Case Cisco & Valley

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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Discussion Case, Cisco in the Coyote Valley
1. Cisco objective was to expand quickly competence efficiency with larger rivals such as Nortel and Lucent. To recruit in an area known for its highly skilled workforce. And connected strategic plan was to really grow where the talent is. 2. The relevant market stakeholders in this situation are 20,000 employees because the market is concentrating on them mostly. And company wanted to create a new place where employees could get more benefits and the opportunity for personal satisfaction. Non-market stakeholders in this situation are general public, activist groups and communities because they were mostly against construction of Cisco. So in this instance, the community was able to block the company constructions. 3. 20,000 employees were interested in a new multiple-building campus, where they could live. They saw as advantage and benefits a parking place for 22,000, so it`s a small attribute but a necessary one. Discovering a new big location in a Coyote Valley. The most important advantage is that employees weren`t needed to move somewhere to get the job; they could still live their lives with just cross the road work. Communities were opposed to the Coyote Valley development project because they expressed that Cisco employees would move in driving up housing prices, closing roads, and putting pressure on already strained local services. The imposing could bring burdens on other communities on the south part. 4. If company would work with its stakeholders collaboratively it could bring the advantages such as avoiding litigation with parties. But we can see that there are aspects that company wanted to do in order to satisfy citizens, parties and communities, such as investments of $122 million in public roads, a freeway interchange, and a fire station. Probably it was not enough, so they made an environmental cause. And cause “for caring” others: neighbors and so on. Disadvantages of working with its...