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Topics: Criminal justice, Crime, Law Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: May 28, 2013
What does justice mean to you? Justice to me means that each person is treated fairly, no person is above the law nor is anyone subject to additional punishment for who they are. Justice means that the consequences for violating the rules of society are appropriate and commensurate with the degree of the violation. Punishment is fair and measured and sometimes even mitigated by mercy. How do the main components of the criminal justice system interrelate with one another? The criminal justice system in the United States is comprised of three parts: The courts, law enforcements, and corrections. All three must work together during arrest sentencing, and offender reentry in society. How do the main components of the criminal justice system conflict with one another? Sometimes the components of the criminal justice system conflict because everyone does not see nor view things the same way and we sometimes allow personal feelings to get involved with how things really should be. Laws change daily and sometimes law enforcement officers, prosecution teams, and the corrections department don't always keep up with the new laws and there changes. How do the 2 models of our criminal justice differ? The crime control model and the due process model of the criminal justice system in use today seem only to have one thing in common. That is that each model obviously wishes to control crime. Each model seems to be like day and night as far as how that goal is met. The differences in these models are outstanding. Every step along the road to controlling crime is quite the opposite of each other. The major difference is how the criminal and criminal act is dealt with. The crime control model wishes to get the matter dealt with as quickly as possible whether or not all the proper steps to proving guilt have taken place. The due process model wishes to take the time to have all rights and responsibilities accounted for. In addition, the crime control model allows for the brunt...
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