Discussing on Design Pattern Theory and Implementation

Topics: Project management, Software engineering, Software development Pages: 8 (1840 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Discussing on Design Pattern Theory and Implementation
of Software Project Management System
Dai Yinfei1, Liu Yubao1, and Dai Yinchun2

College of Computer Science and Technology, Changchun University,Changchun, China 2
China Changchun Oral Hospital Changchun, China
archang0175@sina.com, 154198219@qq.com

Abstract. Analyzing the characteristics of the MVC pattern, as well as traditional HTML FORM based on the performance of the advantages and disadvantages, using the Struts technology and object-oriented programming ideas to complete the system design and implementation. The use of the thinking of engineering and object-oriented, provided the guidance for the success of software and rapid development.

Keywords: design pattern, project management, MVC pattern, management system.

1 Introduction
Software engineering theory and the practical experience of project management, is the software enterprise presses for learning and want. At present the software enterprise all levels of management problems, has restricted the software development process forward. As a means of scientific management software project management software project can set to make the cost, schedule, and quality successfully completed. And it is an activity for manageing cost, schedule, and quality, risk analysis. The software industry is a challenging and creative new industries. No mature experience is referenced. But for big, development and system integration of software enterprise, software project management is an effective management methods. Therefore, if a software project implementation is successful or not, the software project management plays an important role. Software project management is generally accepted to software development one of core competitiveness of the enterprise. And the design pattern is to ensure that the software quality, reduce development risk, and achieving the software process scientific management of an important part.

2 Software Project Management System Structure Analysis Based on MVC Pattern
2.1 MVC Mode
MVC (Model-View-Controller) mode is Model-View-Controller. That an application of input, processing, output process according to the Model, View, Controller are W. Zhang (Ed.): Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, AISC 162, pp. 351–356. springerlink.com

© Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2012


Y. Dai, Y. Liu, and Y. Dai

separated, so an application is divided into three layer model, Model, View and Control.
MVC emphasis is putting business logic into model, putting express logic in view, and putting application logic into controller. Through this separation, can greatly reduce data and data showing the keep between coupling, and improve the system efficiency of the development, easy maintenance, easy extensibility, therefore it’s putting forward from now has the most widely applications in the structure of the technology.

There are two main kinds of MVC mode of separation: sepapating express layer from the model, separation controller from view.
Separating express from the model is the most basic heuristic method of a good software design scheme. Its importance displays in: performance and model of different concerns. When developing view, you need to consider is how to layout a good user interface. In the design model, you need to consider is the business logic, or database interactions. But the design of a kind of resources and design used another in the use of the resources may be completely different.

The key point of separation is the direction of dependence:performance depend on model, but model do not depend on the performance[3]. Programming in the model, must not completely know which performance at work. This can simplify their mission, and in the future easy to increase the new performance. At the same time, it also means that performance are free to change without change model.

The second separation, separation of view and controller, the relative is not...
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