Topics: Sociology, Culture, Western culture Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: May 1, 2013
During the discussion in the active circle, while we were discussing about the quotes, I have learnt about how with different backgrounds, about different cultures, we can interpretate the same quote ib different ways. Discussing the same quotes with asian and later on discussing the same quotes with western people I realized how differentour points of views are. For asian people their culture and believes are based on the respect for old people, and they show a big respect for parents, grandparents and other old people; However I, as a western person, my believes and culture is based in different things, we respect old people but our respect for parents and old people are not show in the same way. So I learnt how different perspectives and backgrounds can affect the understanding of the same thing.

At the same time in the outside circle, while we were disccusing online, I learnt about the influenced of Chinese culture in they way that Confucius wrote his quotes. I think his ideas were reallu influenced by the Chinese culture, due to the way he talks about how he examined himself, in quote number nine, because maybe in other countries, such mine, you examine yourself by looking to your family, people who cares about you, not by asking if you have failed to be loyal in your work. I think in western cultures you are care more about what people who cares about you think you are, while in the asian culture, I think, you care more about how much you learnt or how big you success have been. Maybe I am worng but I think his quotes were influenced, in a big part, by the Chinese culture.

In both discussion, or during the whole discussion, in the putside and in the inside circle a learnt about cultures and how point of views can be influenced by the background of a person.
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