Discuss, with Reference to Current Authors, What Is Meant by a ‘Marketing Orientation’ and/or a “Marketing Oriented Company.” Illustrate Your Answer with Examples of Products or Brands of Your Choice.

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Discuss, with reference to current authors,
what is meant by a ‘marketing orientation’
and/or a “marketing oriented company.”
Illustrate your answer with examples of products or brands of your choice.

Within this essay I will discuss what a marketing concept is, how marketing orientation has evolved through the years and the most important, what a marketing orientated company is.

Each of us has some sort of idea what marketing is, since we are exposed to marketing every day. We could say that in the past decades we have become victims of marketing, but also its beneficiaries. Every day we see advertisements on television, in the shop, we hear them on the radio, our friends, colleagues at work tell us about amazing new product, which appeared on the market. Even if we are going for a walk, we face billboards of various products or services on our way. Marketing has become an indispensable part of our life.

Many people confuse marketing only with advertising, but there are different aspects to marketing that businesses need to focus on to achieve a long-lasting future. The way that a customer thinks and acts changes all the time and businesses always need to be aware, of what the customer’s current needs and wants are, and this is where marketing can come in useful. So what is really marketing mean?

According to F. Brassington
” marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchange and satisfy individual and organisational objectives” ( Brassington, 2000, p.5).

Otherwise P. Kotler states that
” marketing is the human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange process.” ( Kotler, 2005,p.6).

Marketing is not just about advertising but also about the product, price and the place. Along with promotion these are what make up the Marketing Mix which is used to make sure that customer needs are met.

The traditional idea of what is marketing concept says, that providing customer satisfactions simply mean to achieve company’s profit objective. This idea does not include fundamental aspects of commercial life: competition. To achieve own goals and success companies must go further than only customers satisfaction. Company must do better than competition that is why modern marketing concept is about ” the achievement of corporate goals through meeting and exceeding customers needs and expectations better than the competition”(Jobber,2010, p.3).

The marketing concept has changed and evolved over the time. Whilst in today’s business world, the customer is at the forefront, but not all businesses in the past followed to this concept. Their thinking, orientation or ideology put other factors rather then the customer first. Product, production, selling and marketing are known as the four main business orientations that a business can take.

The first era of business philosophies was the production concept holds that managements should focus on improving production by producing that product that it could produce most efficiently and cut cost of production. This philosophy is also based upon the assumption that most consumers will favour products that are available and highly affordable ( Kotler, 2005, p.14). In a simple words production orientation is when a company focuses on the product and not so much on any other aspect. The companies is more interested in making mass production at cheap costs and are neglecting what the customer actually wants by, in a way, forcing them to have that one particular model. An example of this is Ford Motor Company, which was producing perfect car Model T, only in black colour. This model, according to company’s owner Henry Ford can satisfy all consumers, because by reducing the cost of production they declining price of the car and more people could afford to buy it.

After production orientation era, product concept becomes...
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