Discuss the Stowers V. Wolodzko Case Questions

Topics: Psychiatric hospital, Psychiatry, Mental disorder Pages: 4 (1197 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Week 2 DQ 1
Discuss the Stowers v. Wolodzko case questions.

. The husband of the plaintiff file a petition to the court that his wife[plaintiff] is mentally ill and needs to have a court order directing the admission of her to the mental health hospital. The petition initiated by plaintiff’s husband is the order of the Wayne County probate court, and it is also appropriately certified by Doctors Wolodzko, who after appearing in her house and introducing himself as a doctor , and have a conversation with her in person that day and another day in telephone, determine that she is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and Smyk. The court gave the order and the Plaintiff was taken by ambulance from her home to a private psychiatric hospital. Before leaving, defendant would not respond to her request to use the telephone, and when she attempted to, it was taken from her. She made it clear that she certainly didn't want to go to the hospital, but she did go anyway, escorted by the two attendants who came with the defendant. The plaintiff refused to consent to the treatment by the defendant, refused any medication, and refused to eat for five days. She was placed in blocked by bars, locked and bare room for six days. Defendant permitted no phone calls or letters in or out. Defendant telephoned orders in and prescribed certain medication. He often visited her during her stay. She was allowed to see her husband and children, but the no communications with the outside world, until a few days before she was discharged. She was forcibly held down by nurses until she stopped fighting to a second injection of a tranquilizer. She had previously been given a similar injection over her objection. The injections were ordered by defendant. The jury determined that the above facts were sufficient to find defendant guilty of the torts of false imprisonment, assault and battery. The jury grants Summary judgments for defendants Anthony Smyk and Ardmore Acres Hospital....
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