Discuss the Spanish Colonial Role in Chamorro

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Discuss the Spanish Colonial Role in Chamorro
Vermin Magellan was the first European to set foot in the Micronesian Islands. He was a Spanish explore who was assign to discover goods for his kingdom. He was travelling to Philippine where he will do discovering mission. As they were sailing through the pacific for so many days, they ran out of supplies and from distances they discover the biggest island in the Micronesian Ocean, Guam. Guam is the biggest island in the Marianas and in the Micronesian islands too. Magellan and some of his grew set sailing to the beachside of the island. Where he and his grew will look for some supplies for their long trip to Philippines. He was the first European man who discover and also the first to order killing on the island of Guam. After what he did to the Guamanians, he then set sailing to his destination.

Somewhere around in the 1662, Father San Viktoras, set sail from the Philippines to the Guam island to preach the gospel to the Guamanians. He wrote to his family in Europe that he now understands the meaning of the scripter. He wants to teach the poor people what is the meaning of the gospel. And how do pray and who do pray to?

The Marianas islands got their name from the Queen of Spain, Mariana of Austria. And later, Michel Diliakas took possession of the Marianas for the king of Spain. 14 June 1668, Spain planted the cross on the edge of Guam side and Spanish flag.

San Viktoras was the first preacher to teach the gospel in the Micronesia. He also set up the first school to educate the Guamanians on what the outside world looks like and other academics.
Some where in 1670, violence broke out in northern of the island and killing one of the preachers. The killing started with a castaway Chinese man name Cioko. He told the people that the preachers are poisoning the people with water.

In 1672, San Viktoras went to Doman for the new family who become Christianity. He want to batiste an invent baby but warm by...
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