Discuss the Problems Faced by the Democratic Governments of Italy and Germany After the First World War.

Topics: World War II, Germany, World War I Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Discuss the problems faced by the democratic governments of Italy and Germany after the First World War.

After the first world war,Germany was defeated and forced to set up the Weimar Republic,a democratic government. Germany, as a defeated country ,the local government was forced to accept thew humiliated treaty of Versailles and bare all the responsibility. On the other hand,Italy end the war in a role of victor. However,Italy also suffered the similar problem with Germany. In 1915,Italy joined WWI because Britain and France promised territorial gains in return. However,the Paris peace Settlement disappointed all Italians,only a small part of land such as Tryol and Istria were ceded to Italy but not the Dalmatia and port of Fiume. Italians considered it as a great humiliation and drove their anger to the government. A similar thing happened in Germany that it was decided by the Big Three,Germany had to accept the total blame for the war. Because of that ,The Weimar Republic was treated as a betrayer of Germany and lost all credit among the German people. Consider about the political instability in two countries. Both two countries adopted a democratic parliamentary government,however,the government did nit enjoy a stable rule. There were many political parties and no party won an overall majority in election. As a result,a series of weak and corrupted coalition government were formed. After WWI,there five governments ruled Italy at different times in only four years. The duration of each and every one of them was so short that any long-term and effective measure that try to solve the country's problem is impossible to work out. Therefore,people began to lose confidence on the democratic system as well as the current government. A similar phenomenon happen in Germany as well. As I mentioned before, the Weimar republic was not well supported by people,so a lot of political parties appeared. Under the parliamentary system,no single...
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