Discuss the Operation Management Plays a Key Role in Online Shopping in China

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Discuss the Operation Management Plays a Key Role in Online Shopping in China -Using Zhuodang Book Store to analyze

In China, the network informatization is rapid developing. The electronic business has become the most efficient commodity tool. Online shopping gradually becomes one of people’s consumption behaviors and e-business is a simple, quick and low-cost electronic communication mode. Consumers can through lots of methods to business activities. Such as telephone, e-mail, fax and chat software. This article will explore China online store operational management and using the delivery channels and process of Zhuodang Book Store as an example. The information and communication technique is widely applied in their operation process. This article will evaluate the effect and function of the information and communication technique that using in the delivery channels and prove online store is evolvable. I was a consumer of Zhuodang Book Store and I got an interview with the storekeeper to learn about some management flow and the process of delivery through chat software.

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The e-business has become a very important and efficient marketing method in nowadays society. The communication technology is widely applied to the e-business process and operation. ZhuoDang Book Store is a new online book store which has a sound momentum of development and many chances of improvement. However, there are some problems in their delivery process. In this article, the operations process of delivery channel will be researched and some suggestion and evaluation will be given for ZhuoDang Book Store. Introduction of TaoBao.com and the interview record will be presented in the appendix.

The online storekeeper need not spend too much energy and earn money. The operations from pay to give the feedback are the delivery process. Through interview I have drawn a flow pictures about his online book store operations.

From this flowchart, the storekeeper just carries on three main sections, bargaining, purchase e–books and sent book to express company, respectively. The storekeeper just needs to communicate with consumers. Answering their questions and promotion goods are storekeepers mainly task. After consumers paid goods, the storekeeper will receive an order, and then they will according to this order to store from source goods department and sent books to express company. (The source goods department and express company have business relations with online book store.) Zhuodang Book Store has no stock problem, because it receives first and the purchase according to these orders, they need not to stock books. So they do not worry the stock problem which may cause the waste of resources. That lots of reduce storekeepers work load and reduce the investment.

Consumers can get more benefit flexible service. “Customer – processing technology is being used to give an acceptable level of service while significantly reducing costs to the operation.”(Slack et al. 2007:234). There are essentially two types of customer – processing technology showed by Slack et al. “those that you interact with yourself and those that are operated by an intermediary.” ZhuoDang Book Store is the latter. When the customer wants to buy books, they will ask the store if they have the book and the content. Generally both customers and storekeeper use the Aliwangwang which is the telecom software that the website self-developed. Besides that, the customer can communicate with storekeeper by mail. If the storekeeper is not online, the customers can text messages to them. After dispatch the goods, the customer can contact with them to ask the process. When the customer receipts the goods, they can go to the store page to evaluate the service and give the feedback to storekeeper.

One of the biggest advantages is that the storekeeper can get the feedback from customers timely. Zhuodang Book Store uses the Taobao.com system, which...
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