Discuss the Nature, Scope and Objectives of the Study of Criminology.

Topics: Sociology, Criminology, Social sciences Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: March 16, 2009
Discuss the nature, scope and objectives of the study of Criminology.

Crime has always accompanied mankind. The oldest order available to us today, like provided in the cave paintings in France and the old books as the Bible show that this was not a stranger to us hundreds or even thousands of years ago. We can even with these materials to draw a conclusion that the development of civilization has contributed to its creation. The formation of increasingly larger clusters of human foster the development of crime, as well as the presence of various types ranging from murder, to stealing and minor offenses. To prevent this, most ancient civilizations has already begun to develop legal codes to protect not only citizens but also to advise them that if the crime was committed will be punished severely for it. Also attempted to explain the reasons which drive people to crime, and to define their personalities. However, these attempts were only a tiny seed. It was not until about 200 years ago began to seriously address the causes of the emergence of crime. It was the beginning of science called criminology. Multidisciplinary of that discipline makes that some people think is considered to be irrelevant as the field of study. However, a huge level of knowledge contained in criminology, is very useful in everyday life, not only for ordinary human but also for smaller or bigger corporations. For Business Management students such as me study criminology, is extremely useful. Gained knowledge help to avoid situations conducive to crime, which is very useful if you have your own company or if you work at a high position

To discuss nature, scope and objectives of the study of criminology is really important to know what it means. Criminology is a detailed academic and established subject of the study, this does not means that criminologist agree definition of the field. Those authors of the criminology texts who offer a definition rarely offer the same one. But in few...
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