Discuss the Mechanisms for Effective Internal Communications.

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Discuss the mechanisms for effective Internal Communications. A Chinese proverb which easily explains the importance of Internal Communications. Tell me and I forget
Show me and I remember
Involve me and I understand*

An effective Internal Communications plan provides motivation, builds loyalty, will increase productivity and counteract rumours. It will give staff a sense of belonging and purpose, it will also encourage feedback and participation.

The different mechanisms that can be used for an effective Internal Communication plan are as follows:

For the purpose of the exam you should develop and explain the purpose and benefits of 5-6 of the below mechanisms.

Staff email
A staff intranet site
Electronic newsletters
Internal social media tools
Internal Communications Audit
Suggestion Box
Induction Literature
Staff events / awards
Exhibition’s and displays
Clubs and societies
Work Councils / Committee’s
Company Magazines
Company Newsletters
Company Brochures
Internal Posters
Staff notice board

Failure to communicate with staff could result in a loss of Key Staff, a decline in productivity & profitability and a loss in staff relations.

Internal Communications should a priority for management in an organisation and a yearly communications plan should be planned, known and tested.

A successful Internal Communications plan would be that of Meteor Mobile Communications. In March 2007 Meteor launched the ‘Meteorite Awards’, a staff recognition awards programme which recognise staff that go above and beyond for the job. The awards are run on a quarterly basis and when launched, were held in Meteors Kingswood canteen.

Post the 2008 ‘Meteorite Awards’ the in-house PR decided to issue a staff survey in relation to the awards. The results of this survey showed that 54% of staff felt the awards needed to be changed and only 12% rated the...
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