Discuss the Issues Raised by an Institutions Need to Target Specific Audiences Within a Media Industry Which You Have Studied.

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  • Published : February 7, 2011
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For a film to be successful it is vital that the target audience is at the heart of all key decisions mad. These are the people who will ultimately make the film a success or see the film as a major flop. The first key decision that the institution must make is, who exactly are the audience? They may choose to first produce the film and then figure out who it is aimed at, or in most cases the company will decide to make a film for the target audience. This then allows the institution to focus the marketing on them, employing the best possible ways to connect with the audience, such as for younger generations an internet viral campaign whereas for the elder generation it may be wise to focus on television and newspaper advertising. For my case study I took a look at ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, this was originally aimed at a predominantly Asian audience within the UK and also towards Danny Boyle fans. Despite this the film had unexpected success at film festivals, and being nominated for Oscars led to it having a second theatrical release. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a clear example of how a film can be wrongly marketed, albeit with a more successful outcome. Many film companies decide to focus on a wider audience breadth as a way of maximising the potential viewers they can get, rather than just focusing on a small sector of the market. However this is often more difficult to do for smaller companies, as they do not have the funds to do this. For example, in the UK ‘Wallace and Gromit’ does well as it targets everyone, where as something like Ali G may experience poorer sales as it has a niche and predominantly male audience. Once this focus has been found it is important that the institution produce a media text that suits the target audience and does not drift into other target audiences. In production there are several audience influenced factors that need to be considered. The institution need to consider the budget and if it will fulfil the needs of what the...
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