Discuss the Important Roles That Specific Individuals Have Within the Educational System.

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Ballantine discusses the important roles that specific individuals have within the educational system. Briefly describe the role of school boards, superintendents, principals, and teachers in the school system.

Ballantine elaborates that schools were constituted to foster in each student the knowledge, curiosity, principles, practices and capability that will enable the student find his role and purpose that provides to develop both himself and society for more rewarding objectives. Each school makes decision to provide a variety of programmes to produce the preferred outcomes. These programmes will address the core curriculum composition, teaching technique, and school organization to meet the declared objectives.
Virtually all current institutions, inclusive of schools, have the attributes of the Weberian Model of Bureaucracy, which consist of a distribution of labour and specialization, a systematic command of authority, rules and regulations, and a vocation assimilation. Ballantine further asserts that schools are distinctive bureaucratic structures, because of their diverse functions and makeup. As a social system, the school is differentiated by an interrelation with an obviously distinct group of people, segregation from its environment, a multifaceted system of social interactions, and its own exclusive framework.

Like all organizations, there is distribution of labour in the school system. Various groups, at different levels perform a prescribed role and work in interrelations to ensure the coherent and smooth running of the school system. School boards have control over schools in the local districts. Members of the school board have affiliation with the school and the community, and have great influence and power over policy making. The prescribed responsibilities of a school board is to appoint the superintendent, decide on the choice of teachers, teacher wages, and curriculum. Members of the boards are frequently selected by the...
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