Discuss the Importance of Charles Darwin Contribution to Science Using Examples from a Taxonomic Group (Insectivorous Plants)

Topics: Charles Darwin, Evolution, Plant Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Discuss the importance of Charles Darwin contribution to science using examples from a taxonomic group of your choice. Charles Robert Darwin is most well-known for his book ‘On the Origin of Species’ this book contains detailed argument, evidence and ideas on his theory of evolution by natural selection. Despite how much this has influenced today’s research Darwin always wanted more evidence, this was because his theory was controversial at the time. However, it is now a highly regarded concept which is widely accepted in life sciences. On Darwin’s famous voyage aboard the HMS Beagle around the world he studied and worked on geology, botany, zoology and scientific research. This essay will explore Darwin’s research and contribution to science through insectivorous plants, which is where Darwin believed to be a link. Plants are often seen as immobile and unresponsive but Darwin saw them as ‘active with interesting behaviour’. Charles Darwin actually produced the first well-known book on carnivorous plants (Insectivorous Plants, 1875) and therefore offered the initial study into the topic. In this book he examines many species and identifies why they must become carnivorous to survive, and individual adaptations to each species. Looking at how the plants reacted to certain stimuli to understand its evolutionary reasoning for their adaptations and surviving environmental conditions. These include heat, nitrogenous fluids and nutrition. Another major modification that these plants have is the ability to move rapidly or faster than other plant types. Darwin contributed in so many ways to this area of botany which this essay will demonstrate. Darwin enjoyed the peace and quiet of his countryside house in Kent, and to avoid much disagreement with other naturalists he turns his attention to plants. Darwin sketched out how he sees evolution in the tree of life it represents different plants and animals evolving over millions of years. Darwin’s radical theory is that all...
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