Discuss the Implications for the Hr Function of Moves to Devolve Hr Responsibilities to Non Hr Managers.

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Management Pages: 7 (2519 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Discuss the implications for the HR function of moves to devolve HR responsibilities to non HR Managers.


The dynamic global environment has influenced Human Resource Management as a valued production factor into becoming an important part of the production process. Although people management is significantly more complicated than managing for example, machinery, through it allowing the implementation of more varied ideologies and techniques. In most companies Human Resources is being recognised as a strategic partner. Integration of the human resource strategy with the business strategy is achieved by considering HMR issues as part of the formation of business strategies. Operational human resource responsibilities became less important to the Human Resource Department once Human Resource Managers have started supporting the strategic direction of HR in management or business meetings. To achieve the strategic human resource management goal, the role of people management function has had to be changed, by moving from a traditional, centralized and controlling personnel management to strategic human resource management. Thus how crucial was to transfer operational activities of human resource managers to line management team. This way we have gained a natural transition from personnel management to strategic partnership.To make the most of this many day-to-day duties were devolved to line managers or external providers, although, in my essay I will discuss only the implications of human resource practices implemented by non-Human Resource Managers. The term devolution is defined as transfer of power from a central government to sub national (regional) authorities. The emergence of devolved Human Resource responsibilities to non-Human Resource Managers can be explained by the corporate strategies that a company is about to implement. This trend pushes towards devolution of some of HR responsibilities to the floor managers predominantly within the main areas of selection, recruitment, communication, appraisal and some parts of training and disciplinary matters. The role of line managers has been modulated from the operational supervision of a production team to leadership and strategic management. They have gained prime responsibility for the implementation and performance of human resource practices at the operational work floor. Line managers became responsible for ongoing staffing decisions, such as task delegation among employees, and administrative duties, such as holiday planning or time registration. Recruitment of new employees is still handled by human resource specialists, although line managers are often involved in selection process. The first factor that needs to be met during the implementation process of human resource practices is capacity. Line managers often experience a lack of adequate time to spend on human resource responsibilities. They also complain about overload between operational duties and human resource matters. It is critical for them to understand that spending time on people management issues will be beneficial for themselves and their team performance. Only once this connection has been made will they attempt to apply human resource practices in a more effective way. Good communication between line managers and employees being managed is crucial especially when we ask staff about their commitment to organization. Employees need to feel that they are part of the firm they work for. That reflects positive impact on employees motivation and commitment. After all communication, is the only way for information to effectively spread throughout the business so that all employees can be informed to the degree that they required to properly achieve their company goals. Devolution of Human Resource responsibilities closer to employees may lead to speeder dissolution of conflicts and superior level of employee retention. Line managers can respond immediately to local problems and...
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