Discuss Some of the Concerns and Priorities of a Responding Officer When Entering a Crime Scene.

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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Written assignment for Unit One:
#2 – Discuss some of the concerns and priorities of a responding officer when entering a crime scene.

Before entering a crime scene, the officer must assess the situation and determine if they reasonably believe that a crime has been or in the progress of being committed prior to making entry. Such beliefs can be obtained from the information provided by the dispatcher, statements received by neighbors upon arrival or the physical aspects of the scene, such as a broken window or door. Sounds coming from the premises such as screams or gun shots would permit an officer to make entry without a warrant, due to the “exigent circumstances” that arises. The officer is then able to conduct a “protective” search of the premises when he or she reasonably believes that “a person within the premises is in immediate need of assistance, or a perpetrator is present.” Otherwise the officers would be violating ones Four Amendment Rights, protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. Officers will then notify dispatch of the situation and decide whether or not to have additional officers, fire fighters or paramedics to respond. (Lyman, pg. 33)

The next priority of a first responder is to determine if any of the victims are in need of medical attention. If so, the officer will administer first aid and call for medical personnel’s to respond. The officer is responsible for ensuring the safety of any victims, witnesses and bystanders on scene.

If the perpetrator is still on scene, the officer will make an arrest only if he or she has probable cause to believe that the perpetrator has committed a crime or if an arrest warrant has been issued. If the perpetrator is fleeing from the scene, the officer must determine if it is appropriate to leave the scene. For example, if a victim on scene is seriously injured, the officer’s must stay on scene and render first aid and call for medical personnel’s. If this was the case,...