Discuss Research Into Abnormality

Topics: Sigmund Freud, Anal retentive, Anal stage Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: March 4, 2013
The main assumption is that our behaviuor is driven by unconscious motives and the childhood is a critical period in develpment. Our personality have 3 roles the ID, Ego, Superego.
ID (Instincts): This is developed at birth and rules your personality. The ID is more selfish, only thinking of themselves. For example, if there is the last piece of cake on the table they would eat it without thinking of other people. Ego (Reality): This is developed during your childhood. The ego is more realistic, it thinks of what to do contradicting the ego and superego. For example, the ego would see the last piece of cake and think that they should wait a few minutes and if no one takes it they will. Superego (Morality): This is developed during later childhood. It thinks more positive thoughts, thinks of others. For example, it would tell you to give the other people the last piece of cake instead. To have good normal health the ID,Ego,Superego should be balanced. When the 3 roles have constant conflict defence mechanisms are employed to managed the anixety from the conflict. For example, Denial: Reject the feeling or thought. For example, If a person suffers from eating disorders they would not accept they are obese/anarexic and would deny they have a eating disorder. Displacement: Redirect your feeling to another target. For example, someone who is obese couold blame their parents for feeding them too much. Reppression: Vaguely aware of thought but try to hide it. For example, people with a phobia of spiders may try to hide that they have a phobia in front of other people. The first 2 psychosexual development stages are the oral and anal stage. Oral: This is at birth - 18months. This focuses on pleasure through the mouth. Example: Oral receptive (not allowed to suck freely - Eating disorder Oral aggresive (Suck too often) - verball abusive (schizophrenia) Anal: This is at 18months - 3 years. Focuses on pleasure through pooping. Example: Anally...
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