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Discuss issues of equality and diversity and ways to promote inclusion with your learners. Review other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners 300-400 Words
The Tomlinson Report (1996) promoted a student-centred approach that makes learners’ individual needs the starting point for developing a responsive, ‘tailor-made’ curriculum. Instead of the learner having to fit in with existing provision, Tomlinson makes the case for fitting the provision around the needs of the learner: ‘By inclusive learning we mean the greatest degree of match or fit between how learners learn best, what they need and want to learn, and what is required from the sector, a college and teachers for successful learning to take place’.

Tomlinson 1996
The Kennedy Report (1997) focused on people who may be disadvantaged because of their social, economic or educational background. The report highlighted some of the barriers to learning that can prevent or discourage adults from continuing with their education – for example, lack of information, childcare support or basic skills, and difficulties meeting the costs of study.

Returning to the Teacher/ Training Cycle ‘Identifying need’ it is our responsibility to ensure we are fully aware of our target audience and our audience can expect from us in return. Using both discussion with and Pre Self Assessments should then inform the ‘Plan and Design’ phase of the cycle in developing an almost tailor made curriculum as suggested by the Tomlinson Report 1996. Giving consideration to each participant’s cultural; ethnicity, gender and personal circumstances needs are identified and should fully explored resulting in participants being able to effectively and successfully engage in adult learning. As responsible teachers it is our duty to be non judgemental, open, friendly and honest, meeting the needs of individuals regardless of our own beliefs at all times. There are occasions when all these factors are...
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