Discuss How You Would Perform the Role of Rose in the Recruiting Officer, in Two or Three Sections of the Play, in Order to Create Comedy for Your Audience.

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Discuss how you would perform the role of Rose in the Recruiting Officer, in two or three sections of the play, in order to create comedy for your audience.

The two sections of the Recruiting Officer where I would perform the role of Rose in order to create comedy for the audience would be Rose’s first encounter with Plume in Act 3 scene 1 and later in act 4 scene 1. Rose’s physical appearance and facial features would assist the creation of comedy for the audience in her first appearance in the play with her brother. She would be short and slim and curvy built, this would immediately make her look quite young- about 20 years of age. She would be a rather average looking girl with a button nose and untidy auburn hair caught up with a red ribbon. She would have beautiful green eyes which would attract Plume and Jack Wilful to her as she would make constant eye contact with them. My costume will consist of coarse homespun bodice which she would wear a faded muslin blouse underneath. I want the audience to think nothing much of her as she walks onstage as they look at her, however as she begins to cry ‘Chickens’ her potential to be a comical character would attract the audience. As soon as I walk on stage with Bullock in Act 3 scene 1, I would have a typical wicker basket from the late restoration period hanging on my left arm, and the side of my right hand on the corner of my mouth to make my speech appear emphasised and sophisticated. In a strong black country accent at a high pitch I would cry melodiously ‘Chicken’s’, I would sway my head slowly from side to side as I cry ‘Chickens’, whilst Bullock begrudgingly walks behind me looking rather dumb and stupid, this would hopefully create a comical image for the audience and they will be able to immediately identify us as Restoration Comedy stock characters. My next line: ‘Buy chickens, young and tender, young and tender chickens’ would now be directed to the audience and said even louder and quicker pace to...
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