Discuss How Evidence-Based Practice Is Applied in Your Practice Setting and Describe the Desired Patient Outcome Achieved Through This Approach.

Topics: Nursing, Philosophy of life, Morality Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Nurses trust ANA because of our dedication to standards, guidelines, and principles. We work hard to elevate the nursing profession by defining the values and priorities for registered nurses across the nation. Through this work, ANA can provide direction to nurses across the nation, influence legislation, and implement a framework to objectively evaluate nursing excellence.ANA requires every nurse to maintain a professional file that contains a copy of all documents necessary for clinical privileging. (ANA 2013) Policy Statement – The ANA Code for Nurses

“The American Nurses Association's (ANA) Code for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (Code for Nurses) explicates the goals, values and ethical precepts that direct the profession of nursing. The ANA believes the Code for Nurses is nonnegotiable and that each nurse has an obligation to uphold and adhere to the code of ethics.” Code of Ethics for Nurses this definitive guide demonstrates how to carry out your nursing responsibilities while providing quality care and meeting your ethical obligations. You can also take a CE course. Within the nursing there is different scope of practice that nurses could get certified for example MSCN, PNCB. Each facility has their own policy and procedures that nurse are follow and its nurse’s responsibility to get familiar with them. Each facility has employee hand book that is given on time of hire. Nurse should know as well if they are qualified enough to complete certain task or responsibilities and if they are assigned to the task that does not come in their scope of profession they should question it and take next action, because it’s their license which is on the line and who they have worked hard to get. that is why it is very necessary to read the employee hand boo
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