Discuss Guidelines for Health and Safety Within the Work Place

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Essay for Assignment 504 Discuss guidelines for Health an Safety within the work place

At the place in which i work we look after young venerable women on a 24hr basis, the level of care must be to a high standard and so legislations, polices and guidelines must be adhered to. Relevant legislations that relate to my job can be found in the Children (Secure Accommodation) Regulation 1991+ 1992 Secure Accommodation amendments, National Minimal Standards and Children Act 1989 Guidance and Regulations volume 5: Children Homes.

The Children Act 1989 states that the use of secure accommodation is rarely the most appropriate method to secure a child, a child can only be placed in a secure unit if they meet the strict criteria. The local authority must ensure that the welfare of the child is paramount when considering a secure placement and all other methods of looking after a child must be considered. At Clare Lodge the policy states that we must ensure that we receive the relevant paper work relating to the child when admitting them into our unit, this is a court Order which states that the court has place a child in our care and must also give a duration even if this is a minimum of 72 hours. other paper work needed when admitting a new referral are Placement Plan, Care Plan and information on the child's history this is to get back ground knowledge i.e. are they known to be verbally or physically aggressive, is there a history of absconding are they a self harmer, we would request a past Risk Assessment from the last placement, we would need to know their allocated Social Worker etc. As part of our policy at Clare Lodge and the National Minimum Standards 3.20 before a child enters the unit they must be searched to ensure that they do not enter with any contrabands that maybe harmful to the children or the staff in the unit. once a child has been admitted to Clare Lodge they are allocated a case manager and a Key worker who will over see the needs of the young person, they must ensure that Dental and Optician check ups are up to date and that they are registered at the local GP. each child is presented with a Welcome pack which gives an understanding on how the unit works and what is expected of each individual, it states meal times, bed times etc. Regulation 17B and standard 3 requires that each child should have a behaviour management policy this is to set out to measure and promote positive behaviour and to monitor and control negative behaviour.

It states in the National Minimum Standards 10.8 that Risk Assessments are written for the whole unit this is to identify any potential sources of harm to the children and this must be recorded and regularly reviewed. All new residents that reside at Clare Lodge must have an individual Risk Assessment that is stored electronically and a written copy which is regularly updated this is usually done before the young person arrives at the unit with info gathered from last risk assessment or placement. On going Risk Assessments on each child is carried out by staff and management by continually observing the you people. There are many different Risk Assessments that are completed and reviewed regularly at Clare lodge some daily and others on a Monthly basis, this depends on the day to day running of the unit i.e. if there are contractors or visitors etc in the unit. when a child in our care needs to leave the unit a Risk Assessment is done an hour before they leave the unit and this will inform others of the child's mood, what they are wearing, what staff members are going, contact details, where they intend going etc. At Clare Lodge we have some young people that have been known to cause significant damage to them selves other persons or property and so Risk Assessments need to be completed on these factors, this could mean that certain precautions are taken when dealing with certain individuals this is to ensure safety for the young person other residents and staff. The...
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