Discuss Greed as a Destructive Force as It Relates to the Pearl

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Rafaela G De Pena
Professor: Laird Jackson
ESL 350
October 25, 2010

How important is it to follow a few strategies to become a successful student? To me it’s very essential to follow the most important strategies to be a successful student and my daily life as well. I follow these three strategies and I try to be organized, be one hundred percent responsible and stay motivated all the time. In the path of my life, I found people who are success today, but years back they are students with dreams, just like me. These persons found the right way to reach their goals.

Being a successful student is not difficult, but sometimes, I’m too busy with my kid’s, home and house work, that I forget the most important factor that comes in is “TIME MANAGEMENT”. With regular schedule and discipline, my work and duties do not pile up, and I can have more time to do my homework and pay attention to my studies. The “Time Management” is the key to be and stay organized. For example, if I have to get a job, I have to choose one that is flexible and that does not interfere with my school schedule. Another good thing to do is a list with priorities and follows in order. If I organized my time with my kid’s, home and my school, I can pay more attention and do my homework in time. I can be more encouraged and more determined to prove to myself that I can do better next time.

Another strategy that I follow is taking my personal responsibility in everything I do. Its one of the most important key to be a successful in college and my life as well. I’m going to be responsible with my studies, teacher, school, and with myself. I’m going to take advantages of the learning resources, like computer lab, libraries, and tutoring centers. I’m going to work in study group to review my class notes and if I don’t understand something, I can get help from my classmates. Responsibility is another characteristic that I have...
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