Discuss Global Impact of E-Commerce on Society

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Transparent and Ethical Behavior
The ethical principles embodied in Our Credo are the lenses through which our employees make thousands of business decisions each day. To help ensure that we conduct business according to these principles, we have policies and procedures that define what we expect of our people throughout the world. Our Family of Companies provides employees with comprehensive systems that support ethical behavior, accountable business practices and compliance with laws and regulations.

These documents are core to our responsible business practices:

• The Policy on Business Conduct sets expectations that all employees will comply with all laws and regulations governing our company’s behavior, including those in the areas of employment, environment, relationships with health care practitioners, financial reporting and political contributions training.

• Our Health Care Compliance Guidelines help ensure the integrity of the relationship between our representatives and doctors.

• Principles of Corporate Governance, adopted in 2006,apply to members of the Board of Directors and senior management, whose ethical character, integrity and values are considered a critical element ensuring ethical and Credo-based behavior.

• The Code of Business Conduct & Ethics for Members of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers sets the expectations for behavior related to conflict of interest, fair practices, gifts, and compliance, among other topics.

• Global Labor & Employment Guidelines ensure that each operating unit throughout the world follows consistent principles relative to labor and employment practices.

• In addition to our employment guidelines, Johnson & Johnson has formal policies on Equal Employment Opportunity and Harassment.

• Our Policies for selling, marketing and interacting with health care professionals require that employees act according to the laws of the countries where we do business and comply with...
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