Discuss Diagnosis/Prescription/Evaluation and Analyses of Goal Instruction with a Teachere of Students with Id Development of Goal Instruction for Students. What Role Do Such Procedures Play in the Daily Class.

Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: June 13, 2012
Module 3 Journal

Instructional Strategies for Teaching Students with ID

Diane Crowder

Grand Canyon University: SPE 553

June 13, 2012

Mr. Robert Burrell

Journal Module 3

Key Points
According to the lecture, this week, on Instructional Strategies for Teaching Students with Intellectual Disability (ID), the educator must be aware of the two keys to success about how to teach intellectual disability children, which are instructional organization and effective instructional delivery. This week’s module was very interesting. Teachers must think about the students’ disabilities when teaching in order to allow the students to learn. I agree that assumptions in science have to do with basic agreements about how something is to be discussed. Educators need basic assumptions to govern the science and practice of teaching. One assumption teachers should come to agreement about is that due to the different learning qualities of intellectual disability students, instructional procedures that work well for typically developing students may not work as well with this population (Taylor, Richards, & Brady, 2005). Another assumption teachers of students with ID should abide by is that instructional progress can only be obtained if that teaching the curriculum is to the point and explicit. It is critical for teachers that are experts in the teaching of students with intellectual disability to have top-level knowledge about students' learning characteristics. Knowledge and understanding in this area helps the teacher understand what instructional approaches/procedures are right and necessary to use to increase and make better the rates of learning and retention. According to Thomas (1996), helping students with ID achieve the greatest success and independence in life can be accomplished through individual life goal planning and diagnostic/prescriptive/evaluative (DPE) teaching. Personal Insight and...
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