Discuss Benefits of Welfare System in Britain

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  • Published : October 19, 2008
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The benefits and drawbacks of welfare system has for a long time been a cause of concern among officers in Britain. Welfare was regarded not only the responsibility of local communities after 1900s. Since the first half of the twentieth century, Britain’s welfare scheme improved a lot, and it have been the first big country to have set up what is known as a welfare state (Driscoll,1995). There are five parts of services in Britain’s welfare benefits ,which are cash benefits, health care, education, housing, and the personal social services(Faher,n.d). In areas such as unemployment ,medicine, education and housing, welfare system in Britain shows it variety ,universality and availability in benefits. Imperfections, for example problems occur in the process of practise, invasion of privacy and increasing pressure on finance should also be paid attention to. This essay will examine each of these key factors and consider how they have affected Britain’s welfare system. Britain’s welfare system mainly has three advantages, variety, universality and availability. Firstly, welfare system has various kinds of measures. Large aspects such as social security, medical services, education, housing and employment are existing while small aspects are also making contributions to the whole system. Small aspects, one example is the ‘meals-on-wheels’ system, whereby people who cannot cook by themselves can get food cooked by staff of local government and handed out by volunteers(Driscoll,1995).Another example is the Samaritans organization which offers free counselling to despaired people and those who want to kill themselves. Nearly every part of daily life is combined with the system. The help comes in various ways, both direct payment of government money and other indirect ways included. In addition, another inspiring thing is the system’s universality. Any adult who have no job or any family whose total income is under the average line is entitled to financial help. Anyone...
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