“Discuss and Evaluate Two Relevant Theories of Reflective Practice and How These Theories Might Be Applied to Your Practice.”

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  • Published : June 22, 2012
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“Reflective practice is important to the development of lecturers as professionals as it enables us to learn from our experiences of teaching and facilitating student learning. Developing reflective practice means developing ways of reviewing our own teaching so that it becomes a routine and a process by which we might continuously develop.” (http://www.ldu.leeds.ac.uk/ldu/sddu_multimedia/kolb/static_version.php Kolb Learning Cycle Tutorial - Static Version. Text and concept by Clara Davies (SDDU, University of Leeds) I believe reflective practice is paramount to every teaching professional to enable us to develop and improve practice. It not only provides me with further understanding and knowledge about my practice and experiences overall, but it contributes to me providing the best possible learning for my students. David Kolb’s theory is based on a learning cycle which is familiar to the way I reflect and how I self assess what and how I’m teaching. Kolb’s cycle consists of four different stages of learning upon reflections of experiences, which must be followed in sequence and tested to improve or change teaching performance. It is important to relate the theory to further development “by planning, acting out, reflecting and relating it back to the theory”. I can also identify with Donald Schon’s theory based on ‘Reflection in Action’. His theory emphasises on thinking about what is taking place or what we are doing and acting upon the experiences whilst we are doing it. Schon reflects this way of reflection in his book, “The Reflective Practitioner – How professionals think in action”. An example where I have used this theory is during my role as a ..... teacher. When I teach........ I need to guide my students on how they need to do an experiment. I usually do a revision on the theory part of the lesson before we start the practical. This enables students to have a good knowledge and be prepared for the experiment. Some of them have had physics lab...
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