Discusion of Political Meetings

Topics: Republican Party, Councillor, Municipality Pages: 4 (1169 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Period 4

Government Meetings Essay

During the second semester of government class, I was given an assignment to attend three public meetings. I chose to attend a City Council meeting, a Republican Party meeting, and a Democratic Party meeting. The first meeting I attended was a City Council meeting at City Hall. The purpose of this meeting was to determine what actions the city of Havre should take regarding the recent legalization of medical marijuana use in Montana. The setting of this meeting was semiformal. The meeting was called to order and the city council members began discussing business. The council began the meeting by discussing current zoning districts. There was a lot of confusion regarding the zoning of businesses in Havre. There are several different zones in Havre, including Residential, Commercial General, and Commercial Intermediate. Currently, there are areas where zones overlap. In addition, there are businesses that are currently being allowed to operate in incorrect zones. They didn’t know which businesses or how many this applied to. The council members agreed that they needed to get a map that showed the current layout of the zoning districts. The inconsistencies with current zoning left the city with no way to regulate any medical marijuana businesses opening up in Havre. Since businesses in Havre are already being allowed to operate in areas that weren’t zoned for them, the city could not stop a medical marijuana business from opening anywhere in Havre. Secondly, there wasn’t a zone currently defined that would apply to a medical marijuana business. It soon became clear to the city council that before they could even begin to address the issue of medical marijuana, they needed to get the zoning issues figured out. One of the council members mentioned that the issues regarding zoning was first brought to the City Councils attention two years ago when a casino had been considering opening up...
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