Discriptive Essay

Topics: Sense, Taste, United States Pages: 2 (299 words) Published: May 2, 2011
September 28, 2009
Writing Assignments for Description EssayDue: October 6, 2009

Follow the same essay format to complete the Description Essay: Title Page
Abstract Page
Essay (8-12)

Your essay must appeal to one or more of the 5 senses: hear, smell, see, taste, and feel. Your essay must also have use of 3-5 figures of speech: similes, metaphors, and personification. Lastly, your essay must have subjective and objective description to support your topic.

Topics: Please Choose Only One:

A. Locate some photographs of some relatives. Describe three of these pictures, including details that provide insight into the lives of the people. Remember, I will not be able to see the people in the pictures, so you will have to describe them and/or what they are doing in great detail. Also, you must discuss these three people using subjective and objective description.

B. Describe your neighborhood and community as to prepare me for a visit. Remember, I know nothing about your neighborhood, so you must include many details to help support your topic. Give your neighborhood life by using personification, similes, and metaphors. Also, use one or more of the fives senses to take me on a tour of the most intriguing places throughout your neighborhood and community.

C. Assume you are telling someone in another country who knows little about life in the United States. Describe to this person the United States in very specific details. You can discuss how Americans live economically and socially. You can discuss something typically American- for example, a football game, or shopping mall. You can discuss the morals and standards of Americans, religion, government, etc… For this essay one or more of the five senses, some figures of speech, and objective and subjective description are needed.
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