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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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An Experience for the Ages
Throughout the course of one’s life memorable experiences are encountered, however a sole experience arises and stands out from the rest. All through my adventurous life I have been blessed to travel and perceive stunning scenery, thus creating unforgettable experiences, but not one compares to my breathtaking visit to the Oakland Athletics stadium. That episode of my life is imprinted into my brain, furthermore divided into three sections. Starting off with my arrival to the grandiose stadium, followed by exploration of such, and topped off with unprecedented events unfolding the game. Whenever reminded of this cherished recollection I cannot hold in the elation that comes to my soul, sending a chill down my vertebrae, nor can I keep my smile extending from ear to ear. Definitely a story I will be sharing with my children in the future, if given the opportunity it will sound something like the following. Beep! Beep! I found myself in the middle of an ocean of cars congested, fighting for every wheel turn, and desperate to reach my destination. The red hot steering wheel was branding my sensitive hands. I continued drifting at a snail's pace down the cracked, worn out pavement of Coliseum Way the famous street directing all its followers to the Oakland Athletic’s stadium. After crossing the busy intersection I spotted ahead a huge lime green and banana yellow sign worded “Welcome to the Oakland Coliseum.” I froze in awe of such beauty and even came close to rear-ending the luxurious car leading me. Under the sign stood a warm fair skinned woman in charge of collecting parking fees. I paid my parking fee, but no parking was to be found, the cars were parked like sardines in a can. After what was perpetuity, I saw what looked like a parking spot so small a Mini Cooper would have trouble parking; however it was just enough space for my truck. I picked up my scattered belongings from under the disintegrating passenger seat and kicked open...
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