Discrimination in the World: Religious Bias

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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Discrimination in the World:

Religious Bias


Shanniece Herrera
Period - 8th
There are hundreds of religions around the world. Each of them have their own belief system. When someone discriminates based off of someone’s religion it is call being religious bias. Discriminating against someone’s religion is not only happening in our country, but also around the world. It needs to cease for the reasons of disrespect, separation, destruction, and persecution.

According to the dictionary, disrespect is a lack of respect; discourtesy; rudeness. Treating people different because of their belief and way of life is disrespectful to the highest extent. Just because an individual does not believe the same as another individual does not make it okay to treat them with the amount of disrespect that would be labeled as being religious bias. The people of this world do not deserve to be abused mentally, physically, nor emotionally. “Regarding the Muslim murder of Christians in Nigeria, we found 34 headlines citing ‘religious’ violence; four mentioned ‘Christian-Muslim violence‘; and only one, The Times (of London), said anything like ‘Rampaging Muslim Gangs Trap Christian Victims in Nets.’”(Media Bias on Religious Coverage) The disrespect in this example is not only with the criminals that did this crime, but it is also with the journalists that did not take it as serious as it really is. We all have a responsibility to let people know how awful and nauseating these crimes are, and we all have to be respectful enough to notify the whole world about them.

We all are created equal. No matter were, how, or to whom, religion we where born under. The continuation of being religious bias will result in the separation of a life time. Every religion will think that they are superior to the next. People will go crazy and end up doing crazy things such as vandalize, taunt, abuse, rape, and even kill. “On August 12, 2007, arsonists in Antioch, California, set...
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