Discrimination: Equal Employment Opportunity

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Is all discrimination in employment illegal or unethical? Explain. Provide two examples of workplace discrimination that you believe are legal or ethical.

In my opinion not all discrimination is illegal or unethical. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, EEOC, indicates that discrimination may not occur based on such issues as gender, race, national origin, religion, and age. However there are some instances when a business many look for a certain type of employee or need the prospective employee to be able to physically handle certain task. For example, a call center that I once worked for had candidates take a spelling test as well as speak several types of sentences. The employer was trying to be sure that individuals were able to read the scripts but also that when the employee spoke that they were clear in pronunciation and not using slang or had heavy accents. Another example, is that many times you will see a job posting asking that the prospective employee be able to stand for 8 hours or lift 50 lbs. My brother has cerebral palsay, and while he doesn’t use any braces, walker or wheel chair his walk is still a bit shaky at times and he is not able to stand for long periods of time. He recently applied for a position at a movie theater mainly because he likes to be helping others and loves movies. My Mom initially spoke to the manager about hiring him for such position as ticket sales or cashier where he would be allowed at times to sit. The movie theater later called to say he was not a match for the position because he could not lift the required 50 lbs. I feel that there may be some jobs where standing all day is a job requirement like nursing or where lifting 50 lbs. such as EMT is necessary and not illegal or unethical.
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