Discrimination Counter Discrimination

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Assessment Task - Submission

|KLA |PDHPE |Subject |PDHPE | |Stage |5 |Year |10 |

|Unit Title: |Celebrating Diversity | |Task Title: |Discrimination –Oral Presentation | |Task Details: |Assessment Task 3 ( Weighting 20%) |

|Issue Date: |20th August, 2012 |Due Date: |3rd September,2012 |

|ASSESSMENT TASK OUTLINE | |Context: |Students explore basic human rights and the organisations that support these rights whilst investigating the | |What is this task about? |types of discrimination that exist within society that impact on individual’s wellbeing and what appropriate | | |strategies are available to deal with such situations. | |Task Description: |Imagine you are asked to give a “I have a dream” speech at a seminar by | |What do I have to do? |choosing one of the following forms of discrimination which exist in | | |society today: | | |Disability | | |Sexuality | | |Gender | | |Your speech must be 3-4 minutes in length and: | | |1.States the purpose of the speech. (2 marks) | | |2.Explores the impact this form of discrimination has had on individual wellbeing (physically, socially, | | |emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and the community. (10 marks) | | |3.Describes individual and/or community strategies that can be implemented in order to eradicate this form of | | |discrimination and justify their use. e.g include laws, school, community initiatives and workplace policies . Be| | |sure to utilise a reference from the bible.(15 marks) 2 | | |4. [Be original, persuasive and emotive ](3 marks) | |Criteria for Assessing Learning: |Students will be assessed on their ability to: | |What am I being assessed on in this |Demonstrate knowledge of the laws, policies...
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