Discrimination and Social Care

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  • Published : September 14, 2012
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Promoting anti-discriminatory practice is when working in a way that does not discriminate against anyone else. It is when we take on clear responsibilities to treat all colleagues and patients equally and fairly whatever our own opinion is. We must not allow our views about patients, clients, or users; sex, age, colour, race, disability, sexuality, social or ecormoic status, lifestyle, culture or religious beliefs to affect the way we treat them. When working we are expected to work co-operatively within teams and to respect the skills expertise and contributions of our colleagues and we must treat them fairly without discrimination. Many staff may sometimes not be aware that they are being discriminatory so it is essential for employers to recognise the importance of training and mentoring staff to align themselves with the anti-discriminatory policy. Every health and social care setting will promote anti-discriminatory practice. This will be demonstrated in the way they work and operate. Sometimes it may be in the individualised care plans produced or the communication passport of an individual even in the menu that is produced to make a meal times inclusive and enjoyable for all service users.

There are about four different key principles that should be taken into account when working in an health and social care sector. * Justice- this is when people must be treated fairly no matter what they look like or their background. * Autonomy- this is when a person’s choice must be respected. * Beneficence- this involves the ricks and costs – the health and social care professionals should make sure they act in a way that benefits not them but the patient/client. * None-malefience- this is when any harm can be caused by a treatment or intervention should not outweigh the benefits of that treatment.

There are many ways to promote anti-discriminatory in a health and social care settings. The actions are taken to prevent discrimination on the...
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