Discrimination and Equality

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TITLE: Research and analyse the importance of promoting equality and diversity in the learning environment (2500-3500 words).




Introduction 3

Methods of equality and diversity 3

Legislation in the further education sector 6

Forms of inequality and discrimination 8

Promotion of equality and diversity to protect 10

My contribution to equality and diversity 14

Conclusion 16

References 19

This assignment will research a range of methods to promote equality and diversity, discussing and analysing the benefit of equality and diversity on individual learners, groups of learners and their learning. The assignment will discuss and evaluate legislation with reference to the further education sector, making reference to employment regulations and codes of practice. There will be a critical analyse on the forms of inequality and discrimination on individuals and communities. The assignment will research and discuss the promotion of equality and diversity and how it can protect learners from risk of harm. Finally the assignment will review approaches that I have employed relating to my own contribution in promoting equality and valuing diversity in lifelong learning.

Methods of equality and diversity
Ann Gravels (2012, pp. 53-60) promotes equality and diversity and discusses and analyses the benefits. She describes equality as the right of a student to access, attend and participate in their chosen learning experience, regardless of age, ability and circumstances. She describes equality as everyone being different, but having equal rights and diversity as about valuing and respecting the differences in student’s, regardless of age, ability and/or circumstances, or any other characteristics they may have, stating that two or more students creates diversity. She uses many different methods to promote equality and diversity, all to protect the learner.

Her methods include using embracing, embedding and advancing all aspects of equality and diversity, and using pictures in hand-outs and on presentations that reflect different abilities, ages, cultures, genders and races. She recommends organising the learning environment to enable ease of access around obstacles; this would help both abled and disabled students. She incorporates activities based around equality and diversity and the communities within which the students live and work, to help students become more understanding and tolerant of each other.

Gravells said inclusive learning is about involving all students, treating fairly and equally, without directly or indirectly excluding anyone. She states that the teacher should promote a positive culture of equality of opportunity within sessions where students can attend, participate, feel safe and feel valued. Gravells says that using student’s names, eye contact and speaking personally promotes inclusion. She states six ways of promoting inclusion; identifying needs, planning learning, facilitating learning, assessing learning and quality assurance and evaluation.

Bannermn (2010) says that embedding equality and diversity into everyday practice in further education and work-based learning provision has never been more important. She says that it is becoming a requirement, and the consequences of not embracing equality and diversity can result in damaging litigation and/or a Skills Funding Agency notice to improve, as a result of an Ofsted inspection judgement of ‘inadequate’ for the overall effectiveness of provision.

Bannermn highlights an issue with regards to equality in the employment of staff within the further education sector. There are issues of gender discrimination, for example women not being paid the...
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