Discrimination against the Spanish People in America

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Why are Spanish-speaking people are looked down upon

Have you ever wondered why People that speak Spanish are looked down upon in the United States? I wonder that myself all the time, so I have decided to do some research on this topic. What I was asking was why people look down on people that only speak Spanish and not people that speak French, German, or so on. I interviewed many people some only spoke Spanish, some were bilingual, and others only spoke English. I asked in those categories to see different ways of how people look at each other and to have the least bias research. There were so many interesting theories and ideas of why Spanish-speaking people were treated and looked upon differently.

I decided to ask different types of people for different view. I asked Hispanic, white, and mixed (White/ Hispanic) people to see their different reactions. It was interesting how each race answered about the same in all the questions that I asked them. The c race talked more about why their reasons are for looking down on people that speak no other language besides Spanish. The Hispanic people talked about why they have been treated differently and why they think people talk bad to them. The people that I interviewed that were mixed also had mixed feelings. The interesting thing is that both the white race and the monolingual Spanish speakers had the same reasons why people look down on people in the United States that speak Spanish and no English.

My interview consisted of 12 questions. I asked the questions orally because I believe that when people get interviewed in a written form not all the information that is meant to be said fully is given. Asking my questions orally gave me a better understanding of what their points were and if anything they say sounds interesting I can ask more in detail about it so I can fully understand what they were trying to say.

A lot of people in the United States look badly on people that do not speak the English language and are fluent in the English language. My question is why are people that speak Spanish are looked down on more than people that are monolingual in other languages in the United States. My topic seems really interesting to me because it is weird that people will treat others differently because of the way they speak. My believe is that people look down on people that are monolingual in Spanish in the United States because they believe that they are not educated as well as the people that speak Spanish and English or people that gust speak English or any other language. I believe it is because of the stereotype they have against them.

The question I asked the white race that I thought was interesting was why they thought Spanish monolingual speakers are looked down on more than other monolingual people and the responses I got were partially sad. Some were true and others were just out right dumb. When I asked Tim, a thirty two-year old male Caucasian in my Arabic class said

I don’t really have anything against Mexicans but, I believe they are looked down on because of where they come from. All we see on the news is how Mexico looks like poor people everywhere and people killing each other. Also, from movies and everything on the media shows that people that only speak Spanish must be illegal. I think that the media has full blame for why people look at Hispanics the way they do. That was one response I got from Tim that made me think a lot. He blamed the media a lot and he thinks that they are the main reason why Spanish-speaking people are looked down upon in the United States. It is true all the things we see on the television and movies indicate that the Central, and South American people are ignorant, barbaric, and not educated. Tim made me realize that media has a lot of effect on us, because we do not see any bad news about France for instance, so, when someone comes to the United States and speaks...
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