Discrimination Against Females in Sport

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  • Published : November 24, 2012
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Discrimination against Females in Sports

Gender difference has always been an issue in many shapes and forms and throughout many circumstances in the past, present and still will be in the future. This paper focuses on the issue of discrimination against women in sports. Either being an athlete or a coach, women have always been looked upon as not as talented sports wise as men, even though in reality, they are.

This issue is articulated in many ways. The news paper Green Leaf Weekly reports from the past that sports editors and journalists think that women’s sport is not “newsworthy” (Brown, 1993). Just that quote says a whole lot about the lack of respect people have for women who play sports who work just as hard as men to contend in their sport. Research by Eileen McDonagh and Laura Pappana demonstrates that sex segregation in sports does not simply reflect biology, but it actively constructs and reinforces social ideas of female inferiority (McDonagh & Pappana, 2010). For example, it has been a known fact that women have better physiological endurance compared to men, but yet in the Olympics some of the racing events are actually shorter compared to the men because the women are perceived as not being able to handle the same distance men run. In May of 2004 the sports world was flipped upside down when Title IX was put in place. This title should have been put in place a long time ago, but with all the discriminatory gender issues, it took this long to come to be. Title IX prohibits discrimination against girls and women in federally funded education and athletic programs. The law states that schools who do not follow Title IX, will lose their federal funding. This was a huge step in the beginning of discriminatory actions towards females in sport to be diminished.

There are many resources available for exploring this subject area. Finding data and charts is hard to find, but there are many news paper articles on discrimination against women in...
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